Organize Your Workplace

Organize Your Workplace

Organize Your Workplace


  • Is your facility truly patient-focused? Or has the delivery of health care become more about the corporate bottom-line?
  • Are you and your RN colleagues involved in making key decisions that affect patient care?
  • Do you feel your efforts to provide quality patient care and your contributions to the facility are valued by administration?
  • Are you forced to float outside your areas of competency?
  • Are units understaffed and do nurses’ requests for adequate staffing go unheeded?


Your answers to these questions may indicate that change is needed at your facility to protect both your nursing practice and the patients you serve. You and your nurse colleagues must now choose:

Do nothing – even though you know things will not improve.

Take the first step toward gaining control over your working lives by forming a collective voice within the Illinois Nurses Association.

For more than 50 years, INA has helped nurses bring about positive change for themselves, their co-workers, and their patients. As the nurses’ union in Illinois, we know how to work with RNs to create an environment where their contributions are valued.

For more information, call (312) 419-2900 and ask to speak to an organizer. Or send INA an e-mail, or use this convenient online form, and an INA organizing representative will contact you.
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