Collective Bargaining Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining

Our History

INA has been the voice of Registered Nurses for over 100 years. Thousands of RN’s have organized with INA in order to have a vehicle to address their workplace conditions, wages, benefits and ensure a collective voice for their patients. Membership in INA allows you to be a part of an effective and powerful force for change in your workplace.

Our History

Organizing a union in your hospital is the only means to truly have the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process for your patients and nursing practice. When nurses stand united, we get results. As a professional union, INA provides a means to achieve professional autonomy while improving patient care.

The benefits of collective bargaining are great, and more members mean greater power for nurses and increased accountability of management. Your voice will be heard through your local unit, and through your elected leaders. As an INA member, you will be protected by a contract written especially for nurses.

Our History

Nurses at INA represented facilities have won:

  • Wage increases based on length of service.
  • Self-scheduling language provisions
  • Safe floating language
  • Job security
  • Patient Care language protections
  • Protections against layoff
  • Protections against cuts in hours
  • Protection against forced unpaid days off, or "furlough days"
  • Yearly salary increases in addition to increases based on length of service with an Employer
Our History

Political Power

As the voice of nursing in Illinois, we understand nursing practice. We work to ensure that nursing’s priorities, such as mandatory overtime, staffing, workplace redesign, and health and safety in the workplace, are incorporated in decisions affecting the legal and professional regulation of your practice.

Political Power – INA is the voice of nursing in Springfield. We fight for legislation that not only advances nursing practice but the quality of healthcare. INA’s partnership with AFL-CIO Illinois provides strength in numbers – a powerful voice for improving standards in hospitals, clinics, anywhere nurses are working. This affiliation gives our members a political avenue to effectively address critical issues with legislators and policy makers. Your membership will give you the right to vote on contracts, be a member of the negotiation team, run for office, and participate in INA Committees and Councils.