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UIC Hospital Implements Universal Masking for Healthcare Workers
Mar 30, 2020

UIC Hospital Implements Universal Masking for Healthcare Workers

UIC Hospital Implements Universal Masking for Healthcare Workers

In response to pressure from INA nurses, who vehemently pursued policy change after 12 nurses became infected with COVID-19, Management for the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Systems has updated its policy to universal masking.

Previously, as you’ve no doubt heard in the news, UIC hospital nurses daily came to the front line of our state’s coronavirus battle, unsure if they would have masks, goggles or gloves. In some instances, they were scolded by supervisors for supplying their own masks, or wearing masks in the hallway.

We, together, all of us, raised a cry of concern that this was unacceptable.

In this updated policy, nurses treating non-COVID-19 patients will be provided a surgical cloth mask. For suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, nurses will be provided an N95 mask, which must be disposed of after leaving a patient’s room.

We thank INA Board president Terence Yee for sharing our concerns with WGN News. You can see the full story here.

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